Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shoo-Fly for Suzanna


I'm late, I know.  However, I finally had a chance to do sewing today so I decided to tackle Suzanna's block for March.  I had been avoiding it because anything "wonky" seems impossible to me.  Not sure why I thought this was so difficult, because Suzanna's instructions were simple, and creating this block was extremely easy.

I already knew how to make a Shoo-Fly block because of the tutorial at Modify Tradition.  Adding the borders and trimming to make it crooked was a cinch.

One question-- the directions Suzanna included say to make an 8" block.  Does she want it to be 8" or 8.5" unfinished?  (I've trimmed mine to 9.5"... how did I not notice that my ruler isn't 8.5"?)


  1. I had the same question, but the template she sent was 8" square, so I guess she really does mean 8" -- which would finish at 7.5". At least that's how I'm understanding it :)

  2. Love the colors you picked for the sashing! This piecing is so good, it's lovely!

    I finished mine to the size of the square too.

  3. Sorry for the confusion (and for the delay in responding -- we had limited internet access on holiday).

    Yes, the block is supposed to be 8" unfinished. It's an arbitrary size I chose given the size of the shoo fly and because I thought people might have 8" square rulers.

    BTW Jennifer, I love how you used the solid in the shoo fly and the print in the frame. Fantastic!