Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hope Valley for Alison

These were fun to make!  And restful!  I sewed these up while watching an old BBC production of Martin Chuzzlewit on the computer.  The hardest part was pressing all these seams open!  And kudos to Alison for some of the straightest cutting - these went together like a dream as a result.  Hooray for ticking another box and now bring on May!
Blocks for Alison - ISQB May


  1. Beautiful blocks babe! The pressing was a bit of a stretch for me too. My indoor/outdoor carpeting in the sunroom (where I sew) now has a lovely imprint of my iron where it fell off the board in between pressings. Oh well.

  2. Oh, Dee! too bad about the iron mishap.

    Lesly, gorgeous, gorgeous blocks. Don't you just love the names in Martin Chuzzlewit, like Ruth Peck and Mr. Pecksniff?