Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crazy Patterns

Hello ladies.

Suzanna sent me an e-mail that the template that I printed from Quilter's Cache site and sent to you is off.

She said they are a bit smaller than expected.  I asked for a 9" block, and Suzanna says the individual squares should measure 3.5" but they are not quite 3.25".  If you use the templates the block will be  about 8" finished and 8.5" unfinished instead of the 9" I'd originally asked for.

I'd like the 9" block.  Please don't stress---this is supposed to be fun!  and I'll make it work.


1 comment:

  1. Eeks, how to make this work?

    Do you have a finished block we can see? I just opened up this blog to recheck what I was doing before I made the test block. Before the "real" one. LOL

    I'll muggle through.

    Dad is still in the hospital until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Mom's chemo is today all day. Calling hours and funeral this weekend.

    Thanks for your prayers and for asking! Blessings to you!