Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starry Eye Candy

Here's a peek at the five blocks that I've received from (in order) Dee, Solidia, Jennifer, Lesly, and Lydia.
  If I didn't thank you before I'm doing it now.  They look amazing and will play nicely together, 
don't you think so, too?

I started this quilt then ran out of fabric.  I can't seem to find the fabric anywhere or anything that blends/matches tonally with what I have already.  Any suggestions?  What I was trying not to do is cut up the centre piece of toile from France since I like it intact.

Has anyone tried, or signed up, for the new WW PointsPlus program?  A little flyer I got in the mail shows all fruit as zero points.


  1. i'm still on the WW and the points plus program is interesting. it's free to join right now, you might as well give it a shot if you think it could work for you.

  2. Thanks, Jennifer. Hope you had really happy holidays.

    ~ Maddy

  3. Sorry, Madeline, I don't know anything about the new WW program.

    But about your quilt... the fabric looks as if it might coordinate with one of the French General's fabric lines. If it's not a perfect match, I'd suggest adding a round of narrow solid black (although you might prefer navy or some other solid) and then use some close-but-not-quite red and cream fabrics for the next rounds. Alternatively, you could abandon the red and cream altogether and make the next rounds from black and cream prints or from black and cream pieced blocks (maybe a row of 4-patches other simple block).

    Good luck!

  4. the blocks, but I like the blue the best!

    I like Suzanna's idea about the French General fabrics. That's exactly what I thought of when I saw your quilt. It's going to be beautiful!

    I loved your people....they reminded me of something Picasso would have done!

  5. Your blocks look great! I'm thrilled to say that mine is finally posted yesterday after bouncing around in my bag for a week.

    I'm also on the new WW plan and loving it so far. I'm trying to get off the 3 pounds I gained over the holidays.

    Anna Griffin has a really nice toile - check out I bought some French General recently, and my only concern are the colors are on the brownish side.

  6. Maddy -- I am almost finished with your block, but I made a cutting error and had to "patch" some muslin together to make it work. I have decided that it is unacceptable and will have to replace one part of the nine patch, so I'll have to go see if I can match the muslin. Sorry to be so slow --- and careless :C