Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hope to hear from you...

Happy Holiday Happiness to you!  We have ice, beautiful to look at, treacherous to drive in.  Hope you are all ready for Christmas and keeping warm.  It's this season of yummy baking.

I've only received a block from Dee for the November block exchange.  I did hear from Alison that she's unable to make my block so I thought I'd better check with everyone else if there is a concern or problem.  Also, I haven't received Solidia's (December's turn for a special block) fabric and instructions yet.

~ Madeline


  1. Yikes, Madeline! I sent you mine - I hope it is just caught up in the Christmas mail.

  2. I didn't get mine into the mail until this past Tuesday, Dec 14, so I'm afraid you might not get it until after Christmas.

  3. Oh no! Hopefully it's just all the extra mail going through making everything slow!

    We have snow and ice here. You saw the storm hit! Thankful I don't live in Michigan though. They get the lake effect stuff that always made it hard to get to Grandma's for Christmas!

    Stay safe!

  4. I am behind, sorry! hopefully I'll get it in the mail before the new year. I have two christmas presents that need to get finished this weekend and they bumped my bees to the back of the line. I'll try to hurry though.

  5. Thanks, ladies. There is really no hurry so don't stress. I just thought I better check to see if there were any problems.

    Merry Christmas.

  6. I finally had time to finish your block today now that the madness of the holidays has died down. I'll get it in the mail before the end of the weekend.