Monday, December 28, 2009

Why the Man Who Invented Chocolate Needs to be Shot!

I think it's an evil plot to thwart my stupid honest intentions to trim down this year.

Some well meaning, loving relative got all three boys lovely, large boxes of these deliciously wrapped, yummy galore candies.
Only...the boys don't like mint all that much.
Now, I applaud their kind and caring concern that the boyos have something treaty and chocolatey...but, um.

I've been eyeballing them all day.
Breaking news:
Javi, the oldest, just saw this post and dug into the laundry basket pulling double duty as gift transport, and pulled his box out to take up to his room.
Thank you, God.
One down, two to go!


  1. Good luck with the other two boxes. If you get into a tight pinch you can always send them to my house. (NO, WAIT, wrong answer). They are good, though, aren't they?

    Maybe you can put one on your pillow each night like in a fancy hotel...

  2. Chocolate and mint together are my number one enemy. I would have to take those straight to the food bank if someone gave those to me! I could not resist consuming them all!

  3. If some Meijer candy cane cookies hadn't gotten the best of me last week, I would come help you out. BTW, I have the hundred block issue mentioned in another post, and will share as always!
    KT (the one who loves you enough to half your temptation!)