Monday, January 25, 2010

February - New York Beauty

Alright, ladies.  Fabric goes in the mail tomorrow.  

We're making New York Beauty blocks.  Here's some inspiration:

New York Beauty Inspiration

1. IMG_0490v2, 2. IMG_0492v2, 3. New York Beauty quilt, detail, 4. New York Beauty, 5. New York Beauty, 6. new york beauty blocks

Gorgeous, right?!

You may choose any 8" New York Beauty that your little heart desires. If you don't know where to start, there are some easy to follow patterns on Ulas Quiltpage.

Don't know how to make a New York Beauty? Me neither! But this Quilter's Corner Tutorial on How to Sew a New York Beauty makes it seem pretty damn easy.

I have sent each of you 9x14 cuts of 5 different fabrics. Two grays, two purples, and one chartreuse. You may supplement with any coordinating fabrics from your stash (print, batik, or solid) but you must use the chartreuse in your block.  

Any questions?


  1. ooohhh, i'm so excited! i love this block and will just need to keep it small, which I have a hard time doing!

  2. I'm jumping up and down with glee - can't wait to do this block. I've wanted to learn to do this for the longest! I have a feeling I'll need to make a couple for practice first. And your fabric choices sound great.

  3. Great idea -- I'm so excited! I've always wanted to do a New York Beauty quilt! Can't wait to see those fabrics of yours!

  4. Gulp... I have also wanted to try this but I haven't even attempted paper peicing yet. I'll give it a go!

  5. Jennifer, this is awesome! I've never been brave enough to try one of these, thanks for giving me the push I needed!

  6. I made a bunch of black, grey and red NY Beauty blocks in a class about 14 years ago. I think Jennifer's colour selection will make this far more fun!