Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm shrinking!

As discussed in the flickr group, I have been doing cardio and core workouts at the gym each morning before work since mid-November.  At the end of December I weighed in and measured.  My waist measured at 33.5" (three inches less than in November!).  My gut-- you know, the spare tire area?-- came in at 41.5"

Yesterday, we measured again.

Waist -33.5"
Gut - 37.5"

Four inches!  I'm shrinking!

How about you?

(PS - I got started on Jessica's block tonight.  Thank the Lord of all creation that I decided to do a test block!  The template printed too small for some pieces, and so they didn't all fit together.  I'll try again tomorrow.)


  1. *bows down* You're awesome, Jennifer! Way to shed those inches! Great to see such results after your hard work. You're an inspiration!

  2. Awsome! keep it up. I myself am not brave enought to post my gut or waist needless to say yours are smaller. HAHA:0) I understand time and energy it takes to control one weight. Sound like your on a roll. keep it up.

  3. That is great! You're inspiring.

  4. Wow*wow* and WOW! Good for you. It's so cool when you find something that works, isn't it?

  5. Thanks for the inspiration! I started off at the beginning of the month doing pretty well and lost about 2 pounds (just a couple of the pounds I put on in December though). However, I suddenly lost my mojo and my exercise has been too spotty to be worth much. Congratulations on your great results, and I hope to be able to say the same soon!


  6. I'm tickled pink for you! That's awesome...you've done a great job and I just know the shrinkage will continue.

    Me? Well, the elliptical is holding ironing that needs done, 'cause, I've not been feeling well. Hopefully back to it this week!