Sunday, March 7, 2010

March blocks are in the mail

On Friday, March 5, I mailed the March fabric and instructions. Given how long it's taken family greeting cards to get to and from Florida, I imagine it'll be at least a week before anyone in the US receives their fabric.

This month we're going to make shoo fly blocks, then set them off kilter. The photo from Gwen Marston's book Liberated Quiltmaking was taken down due to concerns about copyright. (This wonderful book is out of print, but much of it is also covered in Liberated Quiltmaking II, published just last month.)

If you enlarge or zoom in on the image, you will see the variety of fabrics Gwen used. Our quilt will retain some of this spirit, although we're going to have a black background and jewel-toned shoo flies.

Each quilter will receive 5 coloured fabrics, plus black; no two packages are the same. You may use just 1 coloured fabric in your block, or more if you wish. The reason I sent so many fabrics was to (hopefully) include at least one fabric you'd like well enough to work with.

Most details are covered on the instruction sheet that's in your envelope. And although I tend to overexplain things (cuz few people seem to think like I do), I still managed to forget to include some things, so here goes:

Please sign the back of the block or pin your name onto it somewhere. Like Jennifer, I'll be making a suitable label identifying you all.

If you want to keep a strip or charm square from each of the leftover fabrics, feel free; otherwise please return any leftovers of 5” or larger.

If words on the instruction sheet look improperly spelled it's probably just Canadian spelling, except for "shoo fly", where I inexplicably added a hyphen all over the place.

When you get your package you may wonder why I included a flimsy, clear 8” square. I didn't want to assume that everyone had a large square ruler; after all, some folks might square up by using the lines on their cutting mat. The square I included will give you a window on your block, and you can line up an acrylic ruler to the edge of the square and trim. (My apologies to whomever is missing their square --I had one left over after stuffing the envelopes.)

Naturally, feel free to email or post any questions. I made one of these quilts as a baby gift for my neice 5 years ago and if I can find the photo I'll post it. It was fun and now I'm looking forward to having a dancing shoo fly quilt for myself. I hope you have fun with this block, too.


  1. This looks like a lot of fun! Can't wait to see the fabric! And I'll prolly bring it up when we come visit on March 21 - assuming I have made Jenn's block by then. Have to make February before I make March, dontcha know.

  2. Suzanna,

    I love instructions, literature, research material, pats on the back and cookies (oops, bad quilter, bad quilter!).

    Can't wait to get the package. I've never made a "shoo fly" before and can't wait to try it!

    Thanks for taking on March! You have a huge heart and are a sweetie!

  3. This looks like a really great block and quilt! I'm looking forward to it. :)