Sunday, February 28, 2010

At last!

I may have waited until the last day of the month to successfully complete our New York Beauty block, but I am sure Jennifer will be glad that I did. After the first epic FAIL of a block, I decided I needed to make another test block. I did that, yesterday. It was much more successful. So, I cut into Jen's excellent fabric and came up with this:

New York Beauty Block


  1. This is by far, the coolest blue batik I've seen! I love what you've done with Jen's fabric and the pattern you chose!

    Great job!

  2. Now, I've had the song "At last. My love has come along."

    Thanks! LOL

  3. OOpps!

    in my head all day long!

    (can you tell I'm still taking cold medicine? LOL)

  4. Thanks for all the compliments! That blue batik really brought out the blueness of the gray solid that Jen sent.