Monday, July 12, 2010

1/4" seam foot a little liar!

Hee hee!

Block one for Joan.  This was fun because I got to put a lot of my yummy scraps into it.  And as you know, some vintage made it in there too.  Plus, you get a real slice of Indiana quilt stores because these scraps are from all over the state!

My one difficulty was the seam allowance "seemed" off and I had to finagle to get the corner seams of the Kona and the scrap strips to match.  Sorry about that, but I think it turned out okay anyway.  I have noticed this before with my 1/4" foot before and I think it's more operator error than anything.  I also learned I'm not a red person.  I have very few stunning red pieces like the ones Joan sent us. 

Here's a better shot.  I just loved the scraps you gave us to work with!  Wishing I had yardage of all of them!  I'm such a fabric hog!  LOL

I need to make the other one and send them on their way.  Sorry for the lateness, but Life never seems to slow down long enough for me to catch up on all I need to do.

Hope all of our quilting bee buddies are having a good summer and getting way more done than I seem to be!

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  1. Thanks, Dee. It's beautiful!

    LOL -- I have so very few red fabrics in my stash. I like red, but for some reason don't tend to buy very much. I'm trying to remedy that :)