Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One down, one to go.

Although our blocks for Joan will probably all look alike, I thought I'd post mine anyway. This one was a real challenge for a few reasons. 1. I don't collect scraps. 2. when I moved last year I threw away (yes, threw away!) bins of fabric strips that I was sick of after many, many years. Which left me with the task of cutting into good fat quarters or lengths of fabric.

The final problem was that I unknowingly used a presser foot with a different width and my "scant" 1/4 inch seams turned out to be generous instead. So I must apologise to Joan that she is getting a block that's 12.25" square, not 12.5.

Now onto Lydia's block, where I can just tack on a chunk of fabric if the block is too small :-)


  1. Suzanne, I am so sorry that the block was challenging for you! I put a lot of thought into choosing it, trying to keep it simple since I was so challenged by the New York Beauty block. I thought it would be fun for people to get to use their scraps, and I think that lets each person add a little of their own creativity into the block, rather than having all the fabrics previously chosen. And I have lots of extra squares cut in case anyone needed any. The whole thing was supposed to be fun and easy, but I guess I missed the mark. Sorry :(

  2. Suzanna, this block is lovely! I had the same problem you did with you 1/4" seam. My block has some scraps a little bit smaller than their neighbors so my corners would line up.

    Scraps are my fave, well, next to everything else! LOL If you need me to, I can mail you some treasures for the next block? Just let me know!

    I'm going to try a different foot for the next one!