Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lydia's Block

Is finished and ready to come home.  This one, though easy peasy in practice, was a stumper is theory!
I had no inspiration for this.  Maybe because I was tired and not feeling well?
I looked through flickr for help.
Walking through my house, I looked at my calendar and a block was born!
Instead of making the little, daily squares though, I wanted the fabric to be showcased and left them in long strips.
Then I saw Joan's and was so blown away!

Lydia, can't wait to see this quilt!


  1. Well, I just saw this and thought it was awesome, and probably more in line with what Lydia wants than my block, which I realized upon finishing, could be compared to a log cabin/courthouse steps type of block. Anyway -- great job, Dee. Love that wonky log cabin with striped border you posted on Flickr! Fabulous! I've got to make my way over to your blog!

  2. Great block. I haven't even started yet so kudos for the fast work. It's really pretty fabric!

  3. That is such a darling block! A great way to show off the fabrics!

  4. I keep forgetting to check this space!

    I love this block! Joan, I got yours in the mail on Saturday and I love it, too! I really just wanted to see what everyone could come up with. You guys all amaze me.