Thursday, July 22, 2010

At least I followed the rules...

Here's the picture of my block for Lydia. Not a recognisable pattern, straight seams only, and only added solid fabrics. For me, the other limitation was the relatively small pieces of fabric in our packages. 12.5" blocks are larger than I usually work with and I'd have felt more at ease if I'd have had more of any one of the fabrics in the kit.
What do I think of it? I think it looks better on screen than in person and the pattern won't become a classic; although I do like it on some level. I just hope it works in Lydia's quilt.
I'll get this and Joan's block in the mail no later than Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of you come up with.


  1. Suzanna, I just love this block! How fun the angles and colors are. Like little ladders leading from one fabric to the next!

    Awesome block!

  2. Joan, I felt the same - piecing w/o a pattern, I felt I needed to cut all of the fabrics up and play with them. In the end, I had to cut and piece together more than I wanted, because the fabric wasn't long enough for the block size. I guess these types of limitations is what forces us to be creative though. I do like your block. I really like the solids you added.

    Mine is all together but now I've decided to make a change.

  3. I really like it! I haven't gotten one yet that I don't like!