Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hi.  Sorry for being completely absent from the blog in my month of block swapping.  We're hunting for a new apartment-- a fruitless labor-- and so that's sucking up all my internet time.

There have been lots of questions about block sizing, etc.  I was shooting for 8.5" unfinished, but if you're in the ballpark, I'll be fine.

All the blocks I've seen so far have been amazing.  I've even received one in the mail!  I'll take a photo of all of them together once I've received each block.

I'm ready for March-- what are we making?!


  1. Jen, I'll have my block in the mail to you just as soon as I have it mastered - hopefully, that means this Sunday. Sorry to be a little slow!

  2. Jennifer, sending find apartment soon vibes your way! Itsn't it frustrating trying to find the perfect, or close enough, place to live!

    The block is in the mail today. I was going to send it yesterday, but experienced technical difficulties!

  3. Only a teacher would title a post like that!