Monday, February 22, 2010

made in New York

So, i'll admit feeling a little pressure to do well with this block.  I mean, not only did all of you make awesome blocks for me, but this is a New York beauty, and I'm the bee member living in NY...

Jen, I'll be honest, this was quite a challenge.  But at the same time, i really liked flexing my quilting muscles and seeing if I could figure it out.  I ended up really liking both the block and paper piecing.  I've always loved piecing curves and I have a pretty pink & red fan quilt sitting in my UFO pile.  This month I learned that curves aren't too tough to tackle even when I don't have tons of time to sit and sew.  Thanks!

Here's my test block:

I found the pattern online here:  Donna Duquette's New York Beauty Block Patterns
The pattern said it would make an 8"x8" block, but that is actually the unfinished size.  Thank goodness for test blocks, right?  I solved the size problem by enlarging only the background pieces so Jen can cut it down to size when she assembles the top. 

This was fun.  I'll get it in the mail some time in the next few days. 
Who's ready for March?!


  1. Oh, how beautiful! Your curves are awesome (LOL) and so are your points and geese!

    Great job!