Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another New York Beauty

My test block went together 1-2-3 and I thought to myself, this is so much fun.
Alas, the real thing proved much more difficult. Effective cropping of the photo makes the block for Jen look more accurate than it really is. The block doesn't lay perfectly flat, and there's an edge or two that almost makes it to 8.5 inches. You'll notice my test block uses regular quilting fabric

whereas Jennifer's block is constructed with batik for the two concave arches (dark purple and chartreuse), and I can't help but wonder whether the lack of give in the batiks contributed to my troubles. On a positive note, I think the block looks way better in real life, where the colours are much richer than they appear on the screen.
The finished block and leftover fabric will hit the mail tomorrow.


  1. I thought she wanted them to be 8.5" square so they would finish to 8". I made mine tonight and have been very frustrated! Mine finishes 8-1/4", so I guess I'll be making another one tomorrow night. Of the three websites given for patterns, the first one is for 7.5" blocks and the third one didn't list the size. I went with the second site (lenzula)but there are no directions. I ended up with multiple websites of instructions on my computer and started doing it wrong because my block is slightly different than the one on the website I was using with more precise directions. I should have chosen an easier NY beauty block. I had to do curved piecing 4 times. Finally getting it down though.

  2. Way too cool! I like the way the batik is placed with the swirls and the colors are just delicious!

  3. Joan, I feel for you. Yes, the blocks are supposed to be 8.5" square and mine is pretty close, but the block pulls in on itself a little around the dark grey fabric, so it doesn't quite make it to 8.5"

  4. I have been procrastinating so hard over this block. I'm going to try to do it this weekend. Or at least the 14 practice blocks I'll need to do first.

  5. You did an awesome job on your block Suzanna, I love the blue you used in it.