Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bulky Center Intersections

which could cover both quilting and our hopefully shrinking waistlines!

Remembering the trouble some of us had in getting our center intersections to lie flat with so many seams coming together, found this today and remembered I forgot to post a "how to" to help.  From Connecting Threads:

Pressing tip: You’ll end up with a lot of bulk at the center intersection, so before you press, carefully using a seam ripper, pick out 2-3 stitches from two of the seams, on the seam allowance side. This will allow you to open up the center to form a teeny tiny pinwheel on the backside. Finger press this open until you are happy that the bulk is removed. Now you can iron it open. The rest of the seam can be pressed to the dark side like all the others. As you press, don’t move the iron around too much or it will twist your beautiful center.

Hope this helps as we merrily go along!


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  1. Thanks Dee. I printed this to keep for a reference.