Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jen's New York Beauty

I started and finished my block last night. I was putting it off, for some reason I was nervous. I didn't do a test block as several years ago I completed piecing a queen sized quilt top with a simple New York Beauty block so I figured I would just wing it!

Since I only had to make 1 block I thought I would try to chose a fairly detailed design. I love how it turned out, Hope you like it too!

Pattern from the book pictured below.

Here is a photo of my 7 year WIP. Thought you might like to see why I decided to wing it. I now have a love hate relationship with the New York Beauty (mostly love though!)


  1. Again, both are stunning! Jennifer's block is way beyond cool and you know how I feel about the other quilt!


  2. Your block is fabulous. I have been frustrated with the lack of good instructions online, so after viewing your block this morning, I reserved a Karen Stone book from the library. My block will be late, but I just can't send the first one I made. I'm just not happy with it.

  3. Joan, I'm sure Jen will be fine with that. I totally feel for you, I wouldn't be able to send a block if I'm not happy with it either. I was in that spot with last months block!

    I think you should be happy with Karen Stone's book. I think she is the queen of NY Beauty blocks. Valori Wells has put out a good NY Beauty book too!

  4. Beautifully well done. Congratulations!

  5. beautiful, love those colors in your first block, just so springy! (even though it's black and gray, it still looks so fresh.)

  6. wow, such a cool center! i should get a copy of that book. ...