Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jennifer. Dahlink!

Little help here:
unfinished, what are the measurements for the NYB?
finished, what are they?

Redundant, I know, but if you only knew my poor lil' pea brain.

Thank you ma cherie.


  1. unfinished: 8.5"
    finished: 8"

    should be. i mean, if it comes out all funky, whatever! we'll make it work.

  2. I used the templates from this website that Jennifer gave us: Instructions are in German but it's pretty self-explanatory. Unfinished size 8.5"

  3. Claudia, how did you get the 8.5 size? What am I doing wrong? lol

  4. Make sure your printer is set to print the correct size - scale s/b 100%. I didn't check my first print out (there's a 1 inch mark on the template) and so my first block also came out too small.

  5. Thank you, I will check and try this if Jennifer wants a new size block!

    I appreciate the help!